AI in Windows 11 – Copilot

Copilot is available in Windows 11, but there are some important details to consider:

  1. Availability:
  2. What Is Copilot in Windows?:
  3. Other AI-Powered Features in Windows 11:
    • Windows 11 offers additional AI-powered tools, such as:
      • Paint: New tools for photo editing and art creation.
      • Photos: Crop, erase, and adjust colors.
      • Snipping Tool: AI for easy text extraction from screenshots.
      • Clipchamp: AI-assisted video editing.
      • Windows Ink: Smart drawing and navigation.
      • Smart App Control: AI predicts safe app downloads.
      • Recall: Instantly find documents based on descriptions.
      • Cocreator: Unleash your imagination and artistic abilities23.

In summary, Copilot is a valuable addition to Windows 11, enhancing productivity and creativity through AI-powered features.


AI Generated images for Copilot

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