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The release of Office 2021 Standard rounds off the range of popular office software. You finally have access to the entire product range. The expectations were correspondingly high and then comparatively easily exceeded again. In combination with Windows 11, unique interactions are possible that ensure even greater efficiency.

So don’t think twice about whether you should buy Microsoft Office 2021 Standard, but go for it! With us at the guaranteed best price. You can find the version for Mac OS here.

With the purchase of Office 2021 Standard you get:

Your Office 2021 license:

  • Official full version from Microsoft
  • Pay once, use without restrictions
  • Instant download including installation instructions
  • Valid for 1 device and 1 account

Teamwork is the focus

Microsoft Office 2021 Standard sets a very clear focus. In times of flexible working, you should be able to use the best tools at any time, even when working from home, without having to forego external support. Microsoft Teams therefore has a much higher priority in all editions. No comparison with the outdated Skype for Business, which was already neglected at the wedding of Office 2019. During the chat with colleagues, they can make the discussed adjustments themselves thanks to the brand new co-authoring. Cumbersome consultations are a thing of the past.

But the updates don’t stop there. The modern look will catch your eye right away with your Office 2021 Standard Download. Narrow bezels with sweeping outlines, an uncluttered design full of soft colors—all tuned to your next operating system. In addition, internal processes feel much more fluid. You can now work significantly faster with large files. If you, as a night owl, like to sit longer at the PC, you can look forward to the automatically supported dark mode. This is how writing texts is fun. We can only recommend taking the plunge and buying Microsoft Office 2021 Standard for Windows.

Selected features and content

Word processing via Word has always been one of the cornerstones of Microsoft Office. The classic interface is also retained under Office 2021 Standard, so you can find your way around straight away. Here the changes are more of a technical nature. If you often save your letters as a PDF, you will be amazed by the enormously simplified handling. As of this version, Word also supports the alternative OpenDocument format 1.3.

Excel is just as dynamic. With more power, even extensive calculations are performed in a fraction of a second. The SUMIF, COUNTIF and AVERAGEIF functions, for example, which Office 2021 handles quickly and securely, should be highlighted. At the same time, new elements are available. With XMATCH you can search for the exact location of a specific cell within a matrix or return it afterwards.

Anyone who is familiar with working with PowerPoint can expect various simplifications with Office 2021 Standard. In times of pronounced online events, the adequate recording of a presentation is becoming increasingly important. If you’re speaking to your audience or adding freehand to individual slides, the saved video should include that relevant information. Absolutely no problem. Even the position of your laser pointer is adopted.

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System Requirements

Operating system: compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11
Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM recommended for 64-bit
Hard disk: at least 4 GB of available space
Screen: Resolution of at least 1,280 * 768 pixels
Graphics card: DirectX 10 support required for GPU accelerated interface
Browser: current versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari
.NET version: some content requires .NET 4.6
Miscellaneous: Internet connection for Office 2021 download

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