The advantages of Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC compared to Microsoft Office 365

5 top benefits of Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC over Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC offers several benefits that set it apart from Microsoft Office 365. 

Office 2021 Pro Plus LTSC includes all the essential applications needed for everyday tasks, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, as well as Publisher, Access, and OneNote. Users can work seamlessly with these applications and create high-quality documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.

Here are the top 5 benefits of Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC:

1. No Subscription Fees – One of the biggest benefits of Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC is that it doesn’t require any ongoing subscription fees. Once you purchase the software, you own it and can continue using it indefinitely. For businesses, this can mean significant cost savings over time. Additionally, not having to worry about subscription renewals or managing account information can make the software much more convenient for users. With Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC, you have access to all the features and tools without the hassle of monthly or annual fees. This makes it a great option for those who need a reliable and affordable office suite solution for their work or personal use. So, if you want a one-time purchase that will last you for years to come, Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC is definitely worth considering.

2. No Internet Connection Required – Unlike Microsoft Office 365, Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC doesn’t require an internet connection to use the software. This can be particularly useful for people who work in environments with limited connectivity or for those who prefer to work offline. In addition, not needing an internet connection also means there’s no risk of data leakage or security breaches through online connections. Offline use also means there’s no need to worry about interruptions due to internet connectivity issues or service outages.

Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC is a great alternative to Office 365 for those who prefer a more traditional, offline approach to their work. With its offline functionality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, it’s the perfect solution for those who demand high-performance software and maximum flexibility in their daily work.

3. Greater Control Over Updates – With Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC, you have more control over when and how you receive software updates. You can choose to install updates manually, rather than being forced to receive them on a regular schedule as with Office 365. This can be helpful for businesses that need to ensure that software updates don’t disrupt their operations. Additionally, Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC also allows businesses to maintain a stable software environment for a longer period of time, with extended support and security updates provided for up to 10 years. This means that businesses can avoid the cost and time associated with upgrading to a newer version of Office every few years. Overall, Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC provides greater flexibility and control for businesses seeking to manage their software updates and ensure uninterrupted productivity.

4. Access to Classic Features – Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC includes many classic features that older versions of Microsoft Office had, which have been removed from Office 365. This can be helpful for users who prefer the older features or who need to use specific features for their work. Some of the classic features that are included in Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC are the ability to customize menus and toolbars, support for complex formulas in Excel, and the ability to create diagrams and flowcharts in Visio. Overall, access to classic features in Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC can provide a familiar and efficient experience for users, especially those who have been using older versions of Microsoft Office for many years.

Classic Office 2021 LTSC Ribbon
Simplified Office 365 Toolbar

5. Enhanced Security – Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC is designed with enhanced security measures in mind. It includes features such as email encryption and data loss prevention to help protect your sensitive information. This can be particularly important for businesses that handle sensitive or confidential data on a regular basis. In addition, Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC also incorporates advanced threat protection and multi-factor authentication to further strengthen security against cyber attacks and unauthorized access. With these enhanced security measures, users can feel confident that their important data and communications are protected from threats both inside and outside of their organization. Whether it’s emails, documents, or other sensitive information, Office 2021 Professional Plus LTSC provides a secure environment for all your office needs.

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